Name of the scientific direction of department: Studying of features of an ethiology, pathogenesis, a current and outcomes, improvement of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of widespread viral and bacterial infections in children taking into account some factors of environment.

Subject fragment: “Improvement of methods of treatment of bronchopulmanary pathology and allergic diseases in children”

Work purpose: optimization of methods of treatment the bronchopulmanary and allergic diseases in children.

Research problems:

  1. To study modern methods of treatment the bronchopulmanary and allergic diseases in children.
  2. On the basis of clinic-anamnestic inspection to carry out the multiple-factor analysis of the reasons of formation of bronchial asthma and allergic dermatitis in children.
  3. To give the clinic-laboratory characteristic of children with atypical pneumonia and allergic diseases.
  4. To improve methods of drug treatment the bronchopulmanary and allergic diseases at children

Scientific novelty:

  • Prevalence of allergic diseases among the hospitalized children is studied.
  • The reasons of formation of the combined forms of allergic pathology in children are defined.
  • Processes of adaptation of children with frequent bronchopulmanary diseases and allergic pathology are studied

Practical importance:

  • On the basis of the multiple-factor analysis major factors of risk of development of bronchial asthma are defined.
  • Clinical efficiency of oral antibiotics for treatment of atypical pneumonia is defined.
  • Clinical efficiency of the combined application of Beclazon and Montelukast is defined.

Successfully the joint scientific researchers conducted with department of microbiology and virology of TMA and FarMI.

Together with pharmacologic comities of the Republic of Uzbekistan for support of the local producer the research devoted to detection of clinical efficiency and safety of preparations Clabele, Biseptole, Amocsytcilline (suspension), to Antiflue Kids and Grippostop in children was conducted. By results of research articles and theses are written.