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Visit to the Tashkent Medical Academy Volgina S.Ya. – Professor of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics, Kazan Medical Academy (Russia)

As part of the visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics at the Kazan Medical Academy of the Russian Federation S.Ya.Volgina, this distinguished doctor met with TMA students and doctors at the TMA clinic.

Volgina Svetlana Yakovlevna

SHe is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of various organs and systems, carries out follow-up observation, treats frequently ill children, draws up a schedule of vaccinations, etc.

Experience since 1986

Doctor of the highest category, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

The doctor provides services: Child and adolescent medical care; Pediatrics

The event with the participation of the distinguished guest began with a meeting with the leadership of the academy, during which the parties discussed the development of medical education at the present stage.

Further, the professor met with students and the faculty of the Tashkent Medical Academy and delivered a lecture on the topic: “Hereditary metabolic diseases. Orphan disease.