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Khalmatova Barno Turdikhodzhayevna, head of department, doctor of medical sciences, professor  In 1989 she finished in TashPMI. She passed clinical internship


Амалий дарсларни ўтказиш жараёнидан фотолавхалар доцент Курбанова Д.Р. назарий машғулот ўтказмоқда доцент Миррахимова М.Х. амалий кўникмани кўрсатмоқда ассистент Сатиболдиева Н.Р.

Methodical work

Global Atlas of Asthma Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis-2013-CD immune diseases malawian handbook paediatrics Global Asthma Report 2014

Khalmatova Barno

Khalmatova BarnoTurdixodjaevna Head of the department, Doctor of science, professor Address: 100109, Tashkent city, Farabi street 2 Tel.: +998 71 150...

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Kurbanova Dilbar

  Kurbanova Dilbar Rakhimovna, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor. In 1973 she finished MAMI. Since 1975-1977 she worked as...

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Hudaykulov Erkin

Hudaykulov Erkin Abdurazakovich, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor. In 1992 he finished TPMI. With 1992 on 1993 yy. he...

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Mirrakhimova Maktuba

  MIRRAHIMOVA MAKTUBA HABIBULLAEVNA Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences Address: Tashkent Almazar district Farabi street 2, Tel: +998 71...

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For all faculties separate standard and working programs on the basis of the State educational standard are made. On the first occupation the electronic module of a subject is provided to all students. All lectures are prepared new pedagogical technologies, in electronic form with use. On department planned gradual updating of the educational equipment is carried out. The special attention when teaching pediatrics is paid to development in students of skills of communication with children and their relatives, daily control of knowledge of students, holding theoretical seminars, after preliminary analysis of patients on this subject with carrying out practical skills. On the 4th course students study propaedeutic of children’s diseases and the most often found diseases of children of early age. On the 5th course generally pass diseases of children of advanced age.