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Our republic is one of the youngest, middle age of population is 26-27 years and near 41 % are children and teenagers. That is why the doctor of general practice in his daily activity will spend much attention to the problems of children and teenagers. President of our Republic Islam Karimov great attention pays to the questions of the health of mothers and children, because healthy and strong mother is strong child, and healthy generation is our future. At our department with teachers, you will learn anatomy- physiological aspects of the children of different ages, principles of right feeding healthy and ill children, make a monitoring of the physical developing, and will be studied to the young diagnostics, principles of the treatment and prophylactics of the most spreading diseases of the young age.

In daily activity of the general practitioner the main place is taken by questions of improvement of children and treatment of diseases of children’s age. In this regard the program of training of general practitioners included the section “Pediatrics”. On Children’s Diseases departmentstudents 1-3-4-5 courses of medical and medico-pedagogical faculties, 4 courses of medico-preventive faculty and 2 courses of faculty of training of nurses with the higher education are trained. Also on department clinical interns in the direction pediatrics are trained.

The purposes and task of subject:

The purposes of subject is – development at students of skills on dialogue with healthy and sick children of different age and their parents, a technique of survey of children, carrying out of monitoring of physical development of healthy children, to diagnostics, treatment, preventive maintenance and rehabilitation of most often meeting diseases of children’s age.

The task of subject: formation of students’ knowledge on:

  • to dialogue with healthy and sick both children and their parents;
  • to definition of an essence of studied diseases, on their etiology, pathogenesis, classifications, to clinical displays, complications, the forecast, treatment principles;
  • on scheduling of inspection, development of tactics GP and treatments;
  • to principles of differential diagnostics and statement of the definitive diagnosis.
  • to principles of rehabilitations to supervision of sick children

 Educational base of department:

Teaching pediatrics is carried out on the basis of the children’s case of 1-th clinic of TMA. In clinic there are policlinic, allergologic, pulmonary, cardionephrological unit, an office of pathology of newborns, children of early age, the intensive care unit and intensive therapy. Classes are given in audiences which are equipped with modern computers. On chair is available and the presentation equipment is actively used in educational process. All computers are connected to the Internet by means of 3G of the Modem. For development of practical skills classes are given in the special laboratory equipped with models, thematic stands. Educational video movies on subject are shown to students.

Personnel structure of department: There are: 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 3 senior teacher, 5 assistants (4 of them candidates of medical sciences teach).

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